Will You Choose to Pay for Upgrading Level 90 Directly in World of Warcraft?

Last Blizzard announced that world of warcraft expansion pack Warlords of Draenor mentioned there will be a helicopter game level 90 new features, the players in the DLC Warlords of Draenor will have a chance to let oneself in the Diablo iii account immediately a character directly upgrade to level 90, or paying for other roles also rose to 90. Last week, the world of warcraft us after updating the version also 5.4.7, briefly seen helicopter in built-in store level 90 purchase options, $60, the price is much higher than whereas price at present, a lot of players will vomit slot Blizzard is in order to earning money in addition to wow gold. So what is blizzard to such pricing view?

World of warcraft designer Hazzikostas said that the price to $60 to tell players, hard to upgrade to the 90 level is valuable, blizzard just don’t want to pay a lot of time and effort to upgrade the players feel the value of their labor.

In addition, he also said that if blizzard wants to use “upgrade level 90 directly” function to make money, early price to $10 for everyone to buy. And for the players, when buying Warlords of Draenor will give a chance to upgrade 90 directly without pay any world of warcraft gold, but if you want to upgrade other characters, you have to pay more. Finally, he says, the world of warcraft will never turn into Pay – to – Win games, blizzard won’t live up to the player’s trust.

When we struggle with “upgrade level 90 directly” amount of time, do some people remember the original intention of playing games? A few days ago with the players on the NGA organized Tours “luxury” 30 days of azeroth depth, group rules first team adventure is all start from level 1, without any auxiliary means to quickly improve the level. The purpose of the organization is to abandon impetuous adventures in azeroth, feeling rich tasks and wonderful story background, they will at the appropriate rank to challenge level 60 molten core and a nest with black wings. Maybe at all in order to upgrade and reward of buying gold for wow impetuous mentality behind, this is the game fun.