Five Big Regrets of World of warcraft in Eyes of Players (1)

This year is the tenth anniversary of world of warcraft milestone, we saw many changes over the past decade, game level has reached a level 90 (grade is expected to exceed 100 mark) at once, the original map only two continents (kalimdor and the eastern kingdoms), is now stretches to outland, Northrend, Mists of Pandaria, and as a source of deep such mysterious cyber space. In the game has been added to the auction house to buy wow items, flying mounts, arena, dungeons, battle scenes and so on…However, there are still some good ideas we’ve never seen in world of warcraft. So we have summarized five regrets from the players. Today, we first share two of them.
First, let players to create game content. Now we can see a lot of high openness of the game, similar to the “world of warcraft” players of homemade maps, all kinds of homemade MOD. But we’ve never seen this in the world of warcraft. Such as in Neverwinter nights of simple and easy to be able to let players create comparable official content of homemade tool. I can understand why blizzard to strictly control the game process and the content of the story. But there is no denying the fact that players tend to create something special. These ideas are often a valuable asset for the game.
Even if blizzard provides a port, can let the players can submit a custom content, to assess the content or by the authorities. Maybe it will make those players find is more meaningful than earn wow gold or wow items.
The game needs to be a tutor system by the spectrum. Now the world of warcraft level matches the class of 100, together with the content of the game with a large and complex system, for new players to step into the world. Although blizzard is also aware of the problem, but so far has not been an effective way of new lead. Old players have formed a fixed group, new players want to fit in is a very difficult thing. World of warcraft needs a friendly guidance system to new players currently in urgent.