Five Big Regrets of World of warcraft in Eyes of Players (2)

Last time, we have shared two regrets of world of warcraft from players. As we players love wow game so much, we also want the game become more and more better, but the game designer and producers are not omnipotent, we can draw on the wisdom of the masses to make the game better and enjoy the game fun not only for cheap wow golds.
Similar to Diablo, guild wars 2, provides the armor dyeing function in the game, and world of warcraft currently not dye, players can’t change you to naming equipment or items. It may sound ridiculous. Some people think that this set is more suitable for a single game. But I’ve been looking forward to blizzard introduced “armor” dye this kind of things, so that players can customize their different color suit. Custom items this concept in the world of warcraft implementation is very difficult.
Ogre as a wow of a neutral race, has not been set to the race player can control, it feels very sorry. You’d think ogre camp should join tribes, assuming that Blizzard takes a surprise of course, let the ogre to join the alliance, this should be a very interesting idea just like you got the favorite wow items. In nearly a decade of game, coalition for a lot of new members of racial, werewolves, blue aliens (Draenei), talking panda…Maybe we will never have ogre.
The storm hero and Diablo or be interstellar linkage. Hero “to a certain extent, the storm was such a cross space. Blizzard should be online mode by “Diablo 2” inspired. Diablo is RPG series, warcraft RTS series. We know, there are “Diablo” and “star craft” as the theme of pets and mounts, etc. Don’t know one day blizzard will put the contents of the other two classic games, transplanted into the world of warcraft with some wow items.