New Technology in Warcraft 6.0 Battlefield: Aslan Do Not Need to Read the Map

Maybe you have been accustomed to playing games into the copy need to read a map, waiting time brewing good fight mood; or you are a quick temper, very anxious to skip the article load quickly into battle. Now the latest world of warcraft game design is gradually satisfy your desire, let your spirits, to get the right equipment and wow gold quickly.

World of warcraft, a senior designer Brian Holinka released by twitter, according to the Warlords of Draenor in 6.0 DLC, new PvP Aslan will adopt a new technology, a copy of the player to enter the battlefield can be loaded directly into battle without reading map.

After the technology live-fire, players will enter the process of the battlefield with the current in the field from one area to enter other adjacent areas as seamless as loaded. And this will bring more direct to Aslan real-time combat, players will be able to go from all directions to other regions, and immediately put into combat, fighting itself will therefore have more possibilities, which become more stimulus, you don’t know when the enemy will pop up behind you. So you may feel much exciting to get wow items for great fighting.

On the other hand, if blizzard future plans will further expand the scope of application of the technology to more than five people dungeons, task, a copy of the team and battle scenes, world of warcraft itself will be upside down, and may even reverse the game players over the years has been used.

Maybe in the future, we will say goodbye to that need to be loaded completely copy, all fighting will instantly on the world map, similar gunboats such wild BOSS to combat experience will be even more epic, participants more combat, fighting scenes will be more spectacular! You will surprise, world of warcraft will allow you to focus more on fighting, and not just get much wow gold for equipment.