Twitch and Live Website WOW Games Profit Model

As a free game live website, Twitch’s revenue on games is divided in three ways. The first is subscription revenue, if the audience wants to see the contents of higher quality on hot game play, such as 1080p screen it needs to pay; Second revenue is from two pages of advertising revenue and third income lives on donation, it is similar to the current site’s domestic fiction. A reward is divided by the Twitch in order to attract those who live here revenues with most of the revenue can be obtained, Twitch take a small part. For the hottest games you also can get the information like on buying world of warcraft gold and so on.
Domestic live site draws Twitch practices, such as live site set up value-added items and advertising pages. Viewers can buy VIP membership to highlight the identity; you can also buy virtual goods as a reward anchor. Anchor and platform can be divided into different proportions. Content will be the lifeblood of the game live website, quality content will be the focus of contention. Current hot games are attractive for many players and many types of equipment are needed. If you are a WOW player you must need world of warcraft gold and latest information is offered to you lively.
For live sites, no more than three points become bigger and stronger to consider. How to attract good content? How to attract the attention of the audience? How to achieve the realization of the above three questions? How to attract content will be the most critical issues? Excellent content will be the scarcest resource. On the site of the most attractive game, content live audience there is like this:
The first category is the top players. These famous players in their respective fields often have big name game such as WOW, FIFA etc. With a lot of hardcore fans, these players are often live to attract a large audience gathered to watch, but for fans of idols worship, these players most likely to “suck money” in order to encouraging fans to consume on a live site. Normally to find coin or equipment for your game are on the schedule. Warcraft gold for sale is needed to upgrade the level for you to reach higher standard. The category is for fun game, lives a distinctive personal style such as humor and so on. Such is not necessarily high levels tend to live, but because of good grasp of the emotional psychology of the audience to mobilize the audience, it often can bring a decent amount of viewers.