What Mount Are You Looking Forward To in The Elder Scrolls Online?

As the elder scrolls OL launch date approaches, gamers are anxious and excited. They want to be able to try to know more of the game, and looking forward to meet with game characters with The Elder Scrolls cdkey as soon as possible. Igxe will share the game some of the details for you.
Books are no longer directly providing skill points: “the elder scrolls OL” in the book does not directly provide the player skill points. Books will have a separate interface; you can at any time in your spare time to read them. After joining Maggs association can play the biggest use of books. Collect Maggs association books will upgrade your skills. Books will exist throughout the world, from the bookcase to the underground city; there will be more books of knowledge.
Mount only horses in the game, the horse also have to develop systems. Players can have many horses, even for their names. But can only be used once a horse, no matter in any town, you can go to find them in the stable. Horses can be bought with 15000 Cheapest ESO Gold Buy, any level can ride. However, these horses are the most basic, so you need to choose different food to feed them, let them to get what you want. Detailed attributes and the cultivation mode of the horse can be obtained when you can talk in the game and stable master.
As for the battle, death will make your equipment durability. If you die, you can choose in the resurrection of the temple, or use the soul gem. Outside the temple, you can always go back, teleportation and use soul gems you must first have a soul, this can be achieved through soul trap without paying much cheap eso gold.
In addition, the equipment can enhance health and mana and endurance as well as other elements, such as the first thing, excitement and anger. Equipment, all will be able to set themselves up can even transform, but the play is still the same level of effect.