Details of these Familiar and Strange Races in Warlords of Draenor (1)

Blizzard has confirmed many times, Warlords of Draenor has no new races for players to choose, that really is very unfortunate news. But it also seems to be reasonable…After all, in theory, Delano itself is one of the players are very familiar with the world. It is the predecessor of outland, the Orc homeland, Delaney shelter – the wisdom of this planet race, have become the player optional race for some world of warcraft gold and add new set doesn’t seem to be proper in order for the new DLC. So, today we chat is those who let us both familiar and strange race in Draenor world.

As one western classic elements of fantasy story background, world of warcraft ogre is originated from Draenor. This cruel, brutal, but there have a race of wisdom on Draenor has experienced the evolution of complex twists and turns. But in simple terms, the ancestor of ogre goron is a giant whose size is comparable to hill.

Ogre who claimed to be “the giant” seed (Orc: grom). However, this statement has not been archaeologists agree, some people think that this is only the ogres are down my face, because the goron often slavery ogre, deserve to go up and dragon eggs for breakfast them. Anyway, goron is absolutely ogre’s Great Spirit. Goron and ogres although is similar in appearance, but the size is not the same. When you join one of them for wow items, you will understand more.

In Warlords of Draenor, some ogres seem to have the similar culture, but due to the rise of steel tribe. This time, even the goron enslaved by steel tribe, became huge siege equipment. Therefore, ogre has abandoned the goron is probably the “fathers”, and claimed that he was half of the seed of god. The ogre and steel tribes forming alliances with weapons to rebel against goron steel tribe.

In addition, players who are familiar with the outlands map must remember living in blade’s edge mountains, popularity only after level 70 can contact- Ogri’la as well as buy wow gold cheap safe. This is a group of ogre who maybe much friendly to humans, the ogre is studying a substance called Mr. Heath crystal horse. Of course, this kind of crystal is not created by ogres, they belong to another – crow person Arakkoa lost civilization. I will share the details about this race in another blog.