Warlords of Draenor Fortress Planning Construction and Professional Production Strategy (2)

Waiting for you all accounts have the role of the fortress, you need to consider the fort buildings arranged. You not only need to consider the budget of Wow US/EU Server Gold, and need to consider the practicability of building.

Small buildings: first meet two small building match professional, second consider enchants can help break down various bound up equipment (prophase equipment for all tasks to all Banks, such as the enchant construction one-time out break down, and the material unity to enchant processing);Priority will have corresponding professional followers of small building to level 2 in order to improve yield; As possible for orders for all the buildings are at full capacity, reduce the waste of CD, but when the raw material is not enough to meet the characters and construction CD at the same time, give priority to the role of CD.

Medium-sized construction: barn in prophase can stable output of leather, cloth, late can assist manufacturing ” Wild blood”; hotel after the level 2 each week can recruit a designated professional specialty distribution of followers to corresponding small buildings to improve production efficiency; due to the hotel before 2 levels cannot produce benefits, so building preference in the barn, and decided to produce leather or cloth according to their own needs.

Large construction: besides barracks must be built in the early years, other commercial value is low with wowgold, shall not be considered. Affiliated construction: establishing mine and medicine field as soon as possible, and through multiple number between allocate, achieve self-sufficiency in daily CD material; after the medicine field arrangement followers, can choose the daily output specified herbs to meet the needs of the various professional CD production.

Fortress construction costs: level 3 fortresses, 2 big buildings, 2 middle-size buildings, 3 small buildings, 4 ancillary buildings all level 3. Fortress drawings were all bought with wow gold:

Gold cost: fortress 5000 + big building 3450 * 2 + middle-size building 2950 * 2 + small buildings 2700 * 3 + ancillary buildings 2800 * 4 = 37100 G;

Resource cost: fortress 2200 + big building 2250 * 2 + middle-size building 1000 * 2 + small buildings 450 * 3 + ancillary buildings 200 * 4 = 10850G.

If purely commercial considerations, namely to establish three level fort + level 2 special buildings + level 3 grass mine subsidiary + level 3 barn + level 2 hotel:

Gold cost: 31700-3450 * 2 * 2-1500-2700-2700-3000 = 3000 G (a bit error, task requires that some G didn’t count in barracks)

Resource cost: fortress 2200 + 1 level barracks 150 + grade 2 small building 150 * 2 + hotel 400 + 3 level barn 1000 + 3 grade ore grass subsidiary 200 * 2 = 4450G