New Pets Galore in World of Warcraft Patch 6.2

As World of Warcraft continues to analyze new area in Draenor with new powerfulweapons buy from the NPCs using WoW gold buy, it should appear as no abruptness that new activity pets and new activity pet rewards will be found. Thus far, Draenor has independent a abundant accord of assortment for pet battlers, and Patch 6.2 will be no different. Let’s yield a attending at some of what’s in abundance for your collection.

Please note: Spoilers are ahead! If you wish to ascertain the new activity pets and rewards for yourself, don’t apprehend any further!

Tanaan Stop Action

First and foremost, Tanaan Boscage is area the activity can be begin on all fronts. You will acquisition activity pets of all types dotting the landscape, four of which are new and just cat-and-mouse to be bent for the aboriginal time:


Cerulean Moth

Violet Firefly

Fen Crab

Keep an eye out for the new adventure “A Fel Puppy of My Own”, through which you can access the adorable new Fel Pup

But the boscage doesn’t alone accommodate boilerplate activity pets. If you attending carefully, you’ll acquisition that there are 15 fel-corrupted allegorical pets broadcast throughout Tanaan. Your Pet Activity Master in your billet will accept some new advice for you to get started through buying cheap wow gold online enough. You can alone defeat any of these legendaries already per day, and if you do, you’ll accept a alembic of Fel-Touched Pet Supplies, which will include:


Pet Charms

Pet Bandages

And has a baby adventitious to include:

A Fel-Touched Battle-Training Stone (single use, grants +5 pet levels)

One of these attenuate pets:

Periwinkle Calf

Zangar Spore

Seaborne Spore

Nightmare Bell

We’ve aswell got a new accomplishment for you if you defeat all 15 allegorical opponents in Tanaan Jungle.