Some Blade & Soul Questions Regarding the NA/EU Version Changes

It’s my understanding that in the current state of the regional releases of the game, the Japanese and Chinese versions are slightly behind the Korean version in regards to content releases, with the Taiwanese version of the game trailing even further behind them. Just how far back on content are the NA/EU releases going to be? In my head I’m picturing something on par with the Russian private server version, but hopefully it won’t be that bad.

Another question, I read some concerning news about the NA/EU localization team being extreme social justice warriors. I understand that a lot of the quests dialog’s were changed so that nothing can be found even remotely offensive. That doesn’t really matter to me, I never read quest dialog anyway (though I do find it silly and unnecessary), but my question is did they edit the graphic content too? In screenshots I can see that the character creation screen is dramatically different, eliminating sexy female poses and cloths. How far did they take it with the censorship?

A player Reply

The only “censoring” they did with that graphic content is give the females better underwear so we can see the hips and waist better, during customization. You don’t know how many times I had to re-do my char with the old underwear on because the hips and waist was off. The frilly things kinda threw it off for me. That and the ‘poses’ for Gon females was re-done, too, but I swear I saw some people in their KR client have the same EXACT poses, especially on the newly released class. I don’t believe it was a mod, either.

Other than that, no other major ‘cesnorship’ was done… besides the quests, as you mentioned. It was more ‘westernized’ for the western audience. (And a lot of people to offense to it when it was changed)

NA/EU will always be behind KR, but I give it 6 months to a year and then we’ll be all caught up.