Blade & Soul Level 45 Gem Guide for Beginners: How to Cost-Effectively Choose Gems

How do you choose gems when you hit level 45 in Blade & Soul? This gem guide is very useful for players who don’t want to spend a lot in the game. Given as gifts, the best amethyst gem and diamond gem can make the most powerful weapons along with two other kinds of gems.

Most level 45 players have upgraded their weapons to the Ultimate YanHuang. Meanwhile, hexagon gems become common, while square gems are almost useless. Pentagon gems can be a cost-effective choice.

Are there any tips on choosing gems at level 45? Absolutely yes, and below are some tips on level 45 gems. Ultimate 10,000 Souls are hexagon most of the time, so the pentagon gem groove is recommended.

Amethyst Gem

It is the best gem regardless of the version. It’s noteworthy that there will be official events, and the final award will be an amethyst gem with 200 crit. As a result, you won’t need to buy the amethyst gems.

Diamond Gem

The diamond gem comes with attack power. Because players can get amethyst gems by taking part in the official events, hexagon diamond are the most expensive gems on the market. Players can use Ultimate 10,000 Souls to get pentagon gem groove which can be used to decorate the diamond gem. Green and blue hexagon diamond gems are more expensive than purple hexagon diamond gems, although there is little difference in power. Therefore, we recommend the hexagon one.

Ruby Gem

If you’d like to choose a lot of money in the game, then hexagon ruby gems with 2.5 seconds 120 additional damage are recommended. Others can choose green hexagon ruby gems with dizziness but no damage. The dizziness is a top status effect whether playing solo or in groups.