Blade & Soul Open All Servers to New Character Creation

According to the official forum of Blade and Soul, the Blade and Soul team is extremely appreciative of the enjoyment surrounding the Blade and Soul as shown with gamers filling up their servers. Now our website is selling BNS Gold online with stable suppliers. Since most BNS players may have experienced during early access that started on 15th, January, the BNS team implemented a schedule of new character creation restrictions per server to explore population, and while it may have been unpopular, it greatly helped balance population across the 22 servers in Blade and Soul (10 in NA server and 12 in EU server). Hurry up, we provide you the cheapest BNS Gold now.

Blade and Soul Team less than a day into launch and since they have received large numbers of feedback, and then the Blade and Soul team have decided to open all servers for new character creation. Now BNS players can create new characters on any server. Well, as Blade and Soul team continue to monitor queues, server population, and new character creation, they may implement temporary new character creation restriction by server on a case-by-case basis. It is said that the server will have a lock next to its name when a server is restricted.

Now our team is work through each issue to provide the best BNS Gold buying experience in the long term: