Have You Experienced Blade and Soul’s New Servers?

Since Blade & Soul’s release has received such a successful reflection, the BNS’s servers now is working to open new servers for Blade and Soul players since the data shows that more and more BNS gamers are so excited to enter The Earthen Realm. But Blade & Soul servers are really reach the max capacity that makes large numbers of BNS players had to wait in queues to play. You may cannot feel how popular the game is now but I have to tell you that our team cannot promise BNS Gold here is enough for our customers, so you had better to buy BNS Gold as soon as possible now since its demand has been increased with a fast speed.

We know that the waiting in queue is a not a good experience for players and BNS team now are trying their best to help reduce queue times. They also have restricted character creation on servers as needed in which can help balance population across all servers in game. Some strategies even may surprise you as they also offered a limited-time item transfer service to get people off of high population servers that ended earlier. Well, keep patience for the new servers and you remember buy cheap BNS Gold on our website to make your character powerful:

Please keep in mind that these queues exist because of an overwhelmingly positive demand to play Blade & Soul, and BNS team now ask for your patience as they are working around the clock to improve everyone’s game experience.