Blade & Soul: Level 1-45 Weapon Upgrade Materials and How to Acquire

Something special about the weapon system of Blade & Soul is that the disassembled Hongmoon weapon is not allowed to be sold, traded or damaged. The system’s biggest feature is that you don’t have to frequently change weapons when your character levels up. You only need to do constantly feed your Hongmoon weapon so that the weapon will upgrade and become better and better.

The weapon can be strengthened through level 1-5 using other weapon as offerings. When your weapon reaches level 5, you can use a specific item to breakthrough a more powerful weapon.

1. Hongmoon Weapon

You can get the weapon as soon as you complete the main quest. (Kill the monsters in the Dragon Forest map and get drops including Dragon Forest weapon, Dragon Forest necklace, Dragon Forest rings and Dragon Forest earrings.)

Breakthrough Requirement: Thousand Souls weapon LV.6 (available by the Thousand Souls spinning wheel at the Burning Corpses Hill in Dragon Forest)

Upgrade Requirement: Demon weapon LV.20. Ramming Pirate dungeon is the first heroic dungeon in Blade and Soul. There are two modes: the 6-man mode is less hard with weapons as reward and the 4-man mode is harder with jewelry as reward.

2. Excellent Demon Weapon

Breakthrough Requirement: Zhuoqi weapon LV.22 (Zhuoqi cave trophy)

Upgrade Requirement: Diamond weapon LV.28 (by the Diamond Rohan spinning wheel at Great Desert Lunar Lake)

3. Ultimate Demon Weapon

Breakthrough Requirement: Great Desert Steel weapon LV.20-36 (Kill the monsters in the Great Desert map and get drops including Great Desert weapon, Great Desert necklace, Great Desert rings and Great Desert earrings.)

Upgrade Requirement: YanHuang weapon LV.36. (Red Lotus Grave, jewelry as reward for 4-man mode and weapon as reward for 6-man mode.)

4. Excellent YanHuang Weapon

Breakthrough Requirement: Tianzhao weapon LV.38 (available by the spinning wheel at Sirius Hill)

Upgrade Requirement: Sea Dragon weapon LV.39 (drop from Sea Dragon boss)

5. Ultimate YanHuang Weapon

Breakthrough Requirement: Great General weapon LV.40 (Water Frog Palace trophy)

Upgrade Requirement: 10,000 Souls weapon LV.42 (available by the10,000 Souls Demon spinning wheel at Sirius Hill)

6. Excellent 10,000 Souls Weapon

Breakthrough Requirement: Queen weapon LV.45 (Spider nest trophy)

Upgrade Requirement: Lost Yonling weapon LV.45 (Yongling ruins trophy)

7. Ultimate 10,000 Souls Weapon

Breakthrough Requirement: Watermoon Steel weapon LV.36-45 (trade with the officer at Watermoon clan)

Upgrade Requirement: Storm Evil Girl weapon LV.45 (Storm Sea Snake Supply Base; silver coins *10 at Dragon Trade)

8. Excellent Evil Girl Weapon

Breakthrough Requirement: Yongling weapon LV.45 (Yongling ruins trophy)

Upgrade Requirement: Evil Girl weapon LV.45 (Sea Snake Supply Base, 4 or 6 men mode, Evil Girl badge *45, trade with the cashier at Sea Snake Supply Base; silver coins *17at Dragon Trade)

9. Ultimate Evil Girl Weapon

Breakthrough Requirement: Drops at Misty Forest Black Iron weapon LV.45 (trade with the officer of Misty Forest region)

Upgrade Requirement: Dark Pirate weapon LV.45 (Bloody Shark Harbor 24-man mode)

10. Excellent Pirate Weapon

Breakthrough Requirement: Silver Steel weapon LV.45 (Tower of Mushin drop)

Upgrade Requirement: Pirate weapon LV.45 (Bloody Shark Harbor, 4 or 6 men mode)

11. Ultimate Pirate Weapon

Breakthrough Requirement: Mushin weapon LV.45 (Tower of Mushin drop)