Blade & Soul Blade Master PvE Guide

The Blade Master is a strong DPS dispenser class in Blade & Soul. Here is a Blade Master PvE guide which is hopefully helpful to players.

The Blade Master is one of the most popular classes in Blade & Soul. A Blade Master features a tactical melee that performs lightning-fast attacks and counters with his sword. It is a very strong DPS class with good timing. If you block attacks, apply retaliatory strikes and optimally rotate other skills, there will be the maximum amount of damage from the blade master.

Ultimate PvE DPS Blade Masters

With the right skills the Blade Masters can beat every enemy. He can also optimally fill his role as ultimate an opponent shredder. The right training skills are needed for the build. It is particularly important that you increase your chance to crit, because the damage output will be maximized again. But other skills should also be trained properly.

Therefore, we have put together all the skills of the Master blade with the optimal training for a DPS build. The selection is based on a character from the Asian version with Level 50 and Hong Moon-rank 7. In the Euro version, the level is only up to 45. But the following guide can still give a good overview of the Blade Master class.


You improve this skill so that you can focus on critical hits. You can never have enough of it in Blade Masters. In addition, capabilities for regeneration are rather rare.

Quick Draw

It is one of the skills that should be strengthened, so that you can get a buff on you crit chance.


It is a very important skill, especially for new players. Penetrating is directed properly to damage and after a block. The effect is even maximized.


At level 2, you get focus regeneration and more block options that are definitely useful.

Perfect Blow

This skill allows you to regenerate focus and also reduce the cool down.


This ability gives us additional Lightning damage.

Lunar Slash

Here you get a powerful attack by area damage caps.

Scythe Slash

It is a strong damage over time effect, which regenerates focus.


This allows you to get a better chance to critically hit, send a lot of damage and meet opponents who are drugged or otherwise impaired.


With this capability, you negate the coverage of the opponent.

Sword Storm

With this action, you break out of captivating effects and also align more powerful damage.


This ability can help evade and makes you faster. In addition, you can resist other effects and also end the state of freezing.