Blade & Soul Blade Master Advanced Guide on Perfect Block

Block is an ability of a shield and will accompany you throughout your leveling up. It is used to block the opponent’s attack and reduce damage you take. The reduction in damage is different and is according to the character’s block stats. A block is use to reduce the damage rather than preventing you from the damage. So, when the attack is strong, you may lose some health points. But the use of a block can make a difference.

Under normal circumstances, there are three conditions occurring.

  1. General block. There will be a ringing sound when a monster is beat, indicating that the damage is blocked. If the attack is strong from an attacker of the same level, your health points will be reduced.
  2. Counterattack (perfect block). What special about perfect block is that when the block is performed there will be a clang sound rather than a ringing one. The opponent will become stiff and get dizziness which however doesn’t work for certain bosses.
  3. Block fails. It happens when you get defeated before the block is completed. The failure is generally caused by a late block or happens when the second block is performed.

The perfect block is triggered when it is performed 0.5 second after the attack. The block loading time is 2 second. If the monster attacks you in the first 0.5 second, it will be perfectly blocked.

Reasons to Practice Counterattack

Counterattack is used to block the attack from an opponent. The 20,000 damage will be reduced to 7000 or 8000 damage after the counterattack is used. When counterattack is used, your health points will stay the same.

Your opponent will get dizziness with a counterattack, which is very useful for solo play.

It requires a counterattack to trigger Cyclone. After the counterattack, Cyclone + Pierce is why the hate is kept in the dungeon.

Cyclone Tip: After the counterattack, use LB (left) to perform, and the damage is not heavy. But after the talent, 3 internal force will be restored in 5 second. You don’t need to perform Pierce after the Cyclone. Pierce can be repeated after Cyclone.

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