Have You Watched Blade and Soul’s Weekly Livestream: Bloodshade Harbor

As Blade and Soul team has claimed, Blade & Soul is going to be getting the “Rising Waters” update on February 10th. We know that this update includes three new max-level PvE areas. Recently the first one, Bloodshade Harbor, a 6- or 4-player Heroic dungeon, has released its Livestream that challenges players to go up against Blackram pirates, and Poharan’s boss Admiral Hae Mujin. Come on, just hurry up to buy Blade and Soul Gold here with cheap price.

Well, and the second new area is just the same place, Nightshade Harbor, but it is a 24-player version.

Have a look on the third new area is Mushin’s Tower Floors 1-7. We had better to know that this is a single player Heroic dungeon that provide players greater challenges in exchange better rewards.

Actually it is not all out of the “Rising Waters” update. It’ll also unlock five Hongmoon Levels to be gained after completion of a new quest – letting you gain experience beyond level 45, unlocking additional skill points for your character.

In addition, this update will mark the start of the PvP pre-season. A new in-game interface will show players how their skills stack up against other players. Players can earn and spend Zen Beans the game’s PVP currency once players start competing. Also players can buy another in-game currency, Blade and Soul Gold to make their characters be powerful. After the pre-season comes Season 1 which will, in a future update, let you earn high-level rewards for beating opponents.