Check out Blade and Soul Guide of Wheel of Fate Locations and Drops

Recently, Blade and Soul released the list of weapons for each wheel of fate is not yet complete as Blade and Soul team don’t have all the weapons on the site yet. Players are trying their best to work on adding these items. Also you can buy Blade and Soul Gold online to exchange what you need in game that will save you a lot of time and even help you to level your Blade and Soul characters up. Today, let us check out the details of the Viridian Coast and the Cinderlands in game.

Viridian Coast

Stalker Jiangshi

Location: Everdusk – Foshi Pyres.

Level 6, essences drop off the Stalker Jiangshi world boss nearby.

Drops: Stalker Weapons required for Hongmoon Weapon Stage 5 Breakthrough, Jianghi Raiment, Jiangshi Charm, Jiangshi Headgear, and Stalker Soul Shield 3/5/8 set. Remember that you can buy Blade and Soul Gold to exchange these weapons.

Cat Costumes: Bloody Jiangshi mobs nearby drops the Scaredy Cat costume, adornment, and headgear.

As we know this is the first wheel of fate players are going to encounter. If players don’t like farming essences to get weapons for their class, they can buy them for coppers on the marketplace.

The Cinderlands

Golden Deva

Location: Scorching Sands – Crescent Spring

Level 30, essences drop off the Golden Deva world boss nearby.

Drops: Golden Deva weapons required for upgrading Awakened Blight weapon Stage 10 to True Blight weapon, Deva Raiment/Aura, Deva Helm, and Golden Deva Soul Shield 3/5/8 set.

Cat Costumes: Mobs nearby (likely the dogs) drop the Twinkitty costume, adornment, and headgear.

Well, in order to activate the Golden Deva world boss, players need to kill the guard dogs next to him. They will drop orbs players are able to put in the lantern nearby to activate him. However, Blade and Soul Gold buy now can do great help for your characters in game.