Relook Premium of Blade and Soul from a Playe

Recently a Blade and Soul player has posted an article said he considered Blade and Soul team has made a great game when it comes to combat, story, and visuals. And it is a fresh look at NA MMO’s with an old routine. He also criticize that questing is repetitive and boring but that doesn’t take much time to get through that and get to the interesting part PVP. And you also can buy Blade and Soul Gold online to help you on playing the game.

Some players may just not play a fighting game since on stop PVP gets frustrating and old. The regular MMO gameplay in this game gives some downtime and keeps me engaged. So overall great job on creating this game, he just wish it came to NA a little sooner. He said that he had paid premium for this game since he has been looking forward to it since it was in development in Korea. He wanted to support the game he was playing and he has no problem paying a monthly fee to do that as he have done so since EQ1 and every other MMO he have played. He bought a Master Pack because it gave me a monthly Subscription and unlocked the character slots to make alternate characters and dragon pouches to unlock inventory when paying the developer for initial release. Remember to buy enough Blade and Soul Gold online to well play the game.