Battle Maiguma is GW2 in the service’s first major piece of information

Battle Maiguma is GW2 in the service’s first major piece of information, improved the original public lobby and joined the new career, specialization system as well as the new map, legendary weapons, although GW2CDK price needs 98 yuan, but increased from the game data sheet corresponding to the quality to compare actually fairly reasonable, the following is feeling some demo of the author of the battle Maiguma

The new occupation is the soul of Wu GW2 new piece of information, but also has its own view of the world, to create a good role in the first story will explain why occupation was born. Soul warrior can summon legend possessed different legend posture, such as the Department of defense, the Department of symptoms. The auxiliary system and the Department of physics skills, from the practical experience in the occupation orientation of Wu soul is a remote physical occupation to attack the use of hammer and axe sword, such as armored equipment, combat role no matter what kind of weapons will be armed with weapons, “projection” and make the body forward this kind of action, make with a sense of joy, relative to other occupation, fighting the output form of Wu’s soul to make up for the game in the physical occupation on the output.

A new piece of information increase specialization specialization system into play, explore, legend and knowledge three kinds of growth mode, similar to the “master miracle mu growth in the system, when the game player operation after the full level of occupation through the system to further enhance the role of the ability to better access to the new map. The game is set. Exploration of specialization can improve the moving speed of the jungle, and can reach the map can not enter in the game; pre weapons can make legendary Weapon Specialization legend; knowledge specialization can increase communication with other ethnic languages for occupation, get some other rare props and equipment in all kinds of mysterious events in general. The trigger the system is to strengthen the occupation, specialization in a way of growth

Legendary weapons, piece of information currently released the axe star field, Youpin pistol, farewell staff 16, the capacity exceeds the qualities and attributes of the past, the legendary weapon new formula has also been improved, which contains a specific weapon and legendary pre gift, learning to make pre legendary weapons through systematic training specialization production process as long as the legend, complete the corresponding task in the system under the guidance of specialization, can obtain pre weapons. In addition, this new piece of information in the whole picture has also been a lot of improvement, mainly for the dynamic performance of the new scene in the environment has more ecological sense, although there is a new scene from the end of the world’s lush vegetation, but for the adventure game player, the new map is a good place to travel

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