wow:The path of the full scale Warrior

Preparation work:
1 Installation and so does not matter, Jiabao SP or to a
2. Chi PFU 25W ring money, syrup money BOE equipment money and buy manufacturing bracers to do the task of money, for good luck charm of money (1 CD 3 7000g) personal estimated 40W backing to see the server.
3. some parachute (it is not clear the props is limited wod is available, it is best not to also be indifferent to, to kaolin has a mission to send)
4.3 good base friends, 1 board a 1 milk better.5 team experience will fall but kill the high efficiency, the best balance point 3
5.On the version of the mixture of the outbreak and cooking, selling and destroying what a pity?
I used 22 hours to full level, which client crashes and disconnection occupy at least the more than three hours of my time, the other is more than 2 hours of time in corpse run, so skilled 16 hour safe about 20 hours sure to 110.
Another monster and fall is shared experience is shared. The different factions of the blame in addition to other elite sharing is not shared, so 5 hours a day, 3 days are full

1.Leg 5 map, 4 maps just landed, or you have a figure do half vomit, can also go to the other a ptobe practice. Class dynamic adjustment, you 106 blame 104 105, anyway must be yellow blame. Incidentally Tucao, 110 102 and play rare, I see is 110 he is 102. Finally strange fall blood velocity is same. Finally I was shot dead by he kills rare
Personal recommendations from ASO nano start clockwise to the storm, because soldiers artifact tasks scene in front of the last step is to strike killed more than the difficulty of Pt Heerya and copies of Heerya where the throat of the soul is 110 copies. And the final map task is to the throat of the soul
2、The final task of each figure must be to go to a copy of the copy, you can wait for the next 110 to do together.
3.102 must meet Second Temple artifact tasks and his task, the second the initial quality is very good.
4.Plan your artifact points, except the individual task and artifact point source is used to obtain, so in your nose. Basically a full class can point out the first major traits of the artifact.
5.Artifact as determined in the installation of the holy things, green is generally increased by 19 outfit, 24-28 blue, purple I forgot, Titan 41. So even if the property is not good, if installed higher, also do not use equipment, such as the low holy plug with a groove! Or you’ll seance is installed!
Full time:
1.. unlike leveling cut melon vegetable, a substantial increase in monster blood, team more efficient, personal recommendations full level first time 5h go a ring greatly enhanced efficiency, also recommended that individual and personal equipment in front of the equipment is that can be traded
2.No mobs scene for the first time completed the fighters battle, there is a small trick, strange blood damage is in accordance with your equipment, such as the adjustment, so just take artifact and SP two bodyguards can help you easily done. Otherwise you will find in the five step when mobs kill rate is far lower than the refresh rate (not know the future will not fix the problem, the scene is a single copy, about 2 hours above the reset (i.e., you play to the last step, no dialogue, hearthstone out after 2 hours to the scene, from the first step to do) reset time test. Scene tasks to 300 artifact and 810 shrines suit, and 1W point materials.
3.In the fifth chapter, the map in Dara although there are guidelines, recommendations 4 chart of the copy of the task finished to open, this figure is 110, and prior to do the task cut melon vegetable compared to more very much puzzle elements, task time spend longer

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