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Ancient centuries of living systems in 16 kinds of life skills, to enhance the life skills proficiency internationally through the consumption of labor. A combination of different life skills can bring not little money to the player, then give you introduced different life skills under the combination of rate of return.
One, [agriculture, cooking]:
Everybody knows that the crop output is mainly in order to meet the people’s bodily desire, so it is in the ancient centuries. Agriculture is the most basic life skills has always been a important position, the crop produced as a cooking material, used to make all the players fighting to staple food, in order to protect the security of the internationally. Production: explodes spicy black pepper pork ribs, sweet and sour pork ribs with black pepper, fruity hamburgers, glutinous rice and coconut, roast pig food stalls, seafood stall.
Two, [animal husbandry, sewing, leather]:
Livestock can produce large quantities of raw materials, when the player to the raw materials through sewing and leather, made of cloth and leather. The players can started production of cloth and leather equipment the. Through the animal husbandry, the player can get combat pets and mounts. Interested players can try. Production: master leather series, master cloth armor series, summon equipment pectoral series, summon equipment foot jewelry series, high-quality leather, leather, glass feathers, bright grain cloth, moire fabric.
three,[mining, masonry, forging, build weapons]:
The weapon is the soul of all equipment in the game player, so a lot of game player will go to choose some suitable weapons. In addition to the wild Daguai, a copy of the world outside the boss output of weapons, game player can go through life skills to create for themselves a suitable for their weapons. The mining of raw materials, masonry and forging materials processed into a variety of stone and metal, the weapon to create their own weapons. Weapons production to post production, to produce weapons because of the question of character will have different attributes, different attributes of the price of weapons is different. So feel good character the game player can choose to try yo. Recommended production: Master Weapon series master, plate series, alloy ingot, sunshine steel ingot, siege bomb, bomb, Rune Stone.
Four, exploration, forging, trade, machinery manufacturing:
Machinery manufacturing has two uses: 1 ship equipment, vehicles, gliders, siege weapons production equipment; 2 century ancient recasting. Another feature is the sea, sea fishing, trade, sea boat. Boats, boats, boat trade, small sailing. Game player can kill all the wild sea no, boss, can also be through undersea exploration to obtain various ship map production equipment, in order to make the ship equipment. Ditto through various map produced can make all kinds of vehicles, gliding and siege weapons. The game player must have equipment is not suitable for their own, these equipment obtained after decomposition condensed magic debris, crystallization by recasting the re production equipment, the equipment they need. The recommended production: broken stars ingot, large caliber gun, a gun, foam Kano Weide jib, Hong Kong Pipa Pipa foam four angle sail, Hong Kong Post bubble four angle A bow statue: Black Skull stone jewelry, recasting a variety of weapons and equipment.

Five, [collection, mining, forging, process]:
The crescent new moon but also some players can house. In ancient times, a lot of the coast can be placed on a farm, and places to build water house farm and water cultured pearls, coral, and mining can get all kinds of precious stones, these are we making jewelry raw materials. The player will these materials through the process, then add the forging of metal will be able to start making their favorite jewelry. At the same time, players will usually Daguai out of stone material, through the process of synthesis of various properties of the stone to insert their own equipment, so as to enhance their fighting capacity. Recommendation: sea coral, dusk pearl, glare black pearl, colorful diamond, master jewelry series, new moon stone series.
Seven, [logging, carpentry, fishing, printing]:
When the player’s equipment reaches a certain level, strengthening can be faster and more effective to enhance the combat effectiveness of the internationally. Strengthening essential is strengthens the reel. Logging for timber and static blade, through the wood made of wood, through fishing refining oil. Finally, by printing will these are combined into strengthens the reel. Strengthens the reel in different periods of price will fluctuate, as long as the player to seize the opportunity will have a decent income.Production: Magic Book: will shield, the magic book: force do not stop, the book of knowledge, weapons, strengthens the reel, armor strengthens the reel, summon decoration strengthens the reel, glued laminated timber, wood fiber, master: Seal of the longbow.
Eight, [collection, agriculture, animal husbandry, trade]:
Ancient centuries, can help players get yen Bay and sea trade materials. Players through the acquisition, agriculture, animal husbandry and acquire a variety of materials, so as to make different specialty. Then the players through different routes, products through yen trader or goods trader in exchange for blue Ngan shellfish or maritime trade materials. Different routes to different income rate, players can through their repeated attempts to choose my own route. Of course, the player to run business in this way to be careful yo meet the looting.Recommended production: multi purpose fermentation, livestock integrated feed, environmentally friendly fuel, the East and the East and the native products.
Nine, [trade, acquisition, agriculture, alchemy]
This alchemical life skills in the ancient centuries have important position and yield is very high. Alchemy in addition to the above said to a variety of agents, but also produce high-end materials needed additives. These additives need through the sea trade, collection, agricultural gain a variety of different materials, and then by the alchemy by appropriate deployment of various additives. These additives some demand for larger, some of the smaller demand, but the high cost of raw materials. Players will be able to through the grasp of the market, to obtain their maximum benefit.
Recommended production: all kinds of production additives.

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