Star Wars: The Old Republic Cinematic Trailer Nominated For any Webby

Star Wars: The Old Republic is an MMORPG set inside the Star Wars universe, recognized for its signature Bioware dialogue trees along with the capability to play both superior and negative characters. Oh, as well as their downright beautiful cinematic trailers. Viewed on Youtube close to 5 million times, the Knights of the Eternal Throne “Betrayed” cinematic trailer is surely loved by fans, that is why it really is no surprise that it’s been nominated for a Webby.

The six minute trailer is complete of action, intrigue, really like, and betrayal. There is no denying that it is beautifully animated and tells very the story of a young girl who’s strong using the Force. Initially released in October of final year to promote the SWTOR Credits expansion, Knights of the Eternal Throne, this cinematic is only now getting some recognition.

The trailer is up against some hard competitors within the Film and Video Long Kind (Branded) category, such as an animated brief from Chipotle that came out final year. Star Wars: The Old Republic has reached out to fans in a tweet asking them to vote around the Webby website so the trailer can earn itself an award.

The Webby Awards have already been highlighting the most effective on the internet for essentially so long as the net has been around, with categories like Technical Achievement, News and Information and facts, and Education. Youtubers, on the net publications, net series’ and more have been featured in the course of the award ceremony and thousands of folks tune in to watch the show each and every year.

It’s clear why Star Wars: The Old Republic desires a piece of your action this year, and who’s to say that the “Betrayed” cinematic trailer does not deserve it? Properly… you happen to be! You can vote for the cheap SWTOR Credits trailer or anything else you really feel deserves an award around the official Webby Awards internet site. Voting ends tomorrow though, so do it speedily.