Final Fantasy XIV’s Subsequent Update Capabilities an Infamous Final Fantasy III World

The subsequent significant update to Final Fantasy XIV will spend homage towards the Final Fantasy III’s most infamous dungeon.

On March 13th, patch 4.25 will add the Forbidden Land of Eureka towards the increasingly preferred MMO game. Long-time franchise fans will bear in mind that Eureka initially appeared in Final Fantasy III as an optional dungeon that happened to include a number of the Final Fantasy XIV Gil definitely finest gear inside the game. This, certainly, implies that the dungeon also played host to some real intimidating enemies.

The Eureka’s Final Fantasy XIV version will spend homage for the spirit of that classic dungeon by rewarding players with distinctive equipment that may only be found in that zone. In truth, Eureka trades in conventional level and gear awards featured in the game’s other zones, in lieu of rewards them with the aforementioned gear on best of elemental knowledge. That elemental encounter is going to be utilized in conjunction with Eureka’s new customizable Magia Board mechanism. Essentially, the Magia Board lets you adjust the elemental strengths of the character and be sure to can reap the benefits of enemy elemental weakness from the zone’s enemies.

When you’ve got any hope of surviving the huge Eureka zone and the 144 simultaneous players it supports, you will would like to take control of those new mechanics. Needless to say, that lots of people today exploring right away will bring about some interesting scenarios.

The scenarios will be additional complicated by the fact that Eureka’s death may possibly imply the permanent loss of your elemental upgrades. Unless somebody resuscitates you within 10 minutes of the death, your character will drop all of the elemental practical experience it acquired. Acquire FFXIV Gil online.

Though we prefer to see the epic Final Fantasy XIV raid primarily based on Eureka, it is a very interesting explanation on the concept that makes it feel like it is going to add a considerable volume of content towards the game.