World of Warcraft’s Trial of Style Starts on March 5th

World of Warcraft’s newest event – Trial of Style, will test your transmogrification capabilities as well as your fashion sense against five other competitors. The limited-time occasion will get started from tomorrow March 5th, and end on March 9th.

Within the limited-time occasion, you as well as the other five players will compete to create the ideal transformation set based on a offered scenario. There might be two contestants flaunting their creation in every single round, along with the other four will vote for the player whose set most effective compliments the theme.

After all players competed, the first, second, and third place winners are going to be announced and rewarded; as well as the other three contestants will obtain a Trial of Style Consolation Prize, which involves Trial of Style Tokens which will be utilised to purchase some products that may perhaps enable you to the next time you compete. In order to get access into the contest, it requires you to discover any Transmogrif NPC and line up for the event.

The Trial of Style may also mark the addition in the four new transcoding kits you can add for your collection, one for each and every armor variety:

Ensemble: Mindwrack Raiment
Ensemble: Tundraspite Armor
Ensemble: Crimson Sentinel Garb
Ensemble: Goldspine Plate

Additionally, you are going to also be able to add some talent to your presentation with three unique consumable props. Though they’re able to only be utilised on the stage, they’re going to last by means of the duration on the event. Here are three products that you can get from the Trial of Style suppliers:

Trial of Style Flames
Trial of Style Spotlight
Trial of Style Dance Floor

Lastly, all the transmogrification and barbershop services are totally free throughout the occasion, so even these who do not desire to participate in the festivities can get a fresh reduce without the price.

We discover from other World of Warcraft news, the next expansion with the popular MMO, Battle for Azeroth, will be readily available this summer and may be pre-ordered now..