7th Day of Fortnite’s 14 Days: Where To find Presents/Boogie Bombs And The best way to Earn The Reward

Merry Christmas, Fortnite-ers all. It’s a somewhat unprecedented moment in the world of console gaming: Christmas has lengthy been by far the biggest day of the year in relation to new consoles producing their way into eager hands, but never ever ahead of has there been a free-to-play game that’s taken off on console in very this way. Which means that each and every single piece of video game hardware becoming unboxed currently is, to some degree, a Fortnite machine. And though numbers is going to be hard to come by, we’ve to visualize that a massive portion of these machines will get Fortnite installed on them in moments. given that, it really is no surprise that developer Epic Games is dumping as many no cost rewards on players as possible with the 14 days of Fortnite, and also the reward for finishing the Christmas Day challenge has one of the most effective cosmetic items in the game so far.

Day 7 of your 14 days of Fortnite asks you to discover and use 7 boogie bombs or presents in total. It really is a bit unclear why we’re throwing boogie bombs into the mix–seems like extra of a new Year’s Eve sort of thing–but regardless, that is what we’re performing at this time.

If you’re around looking for presents, don’t go hunting beneath trees. They may be not environmental objects, like yesterday’s Goose Nests, but rather consumable items. They had been added within a recent content material update, and they are basically like tiny, loot-packed versions of a port-a-fort. It is possible to obtain presents in chests and supply drops, though as Legendary items they are really uncommon. Whenever you get them you throw them at an open patch of ground and they will spawn a large present: break open the walls to discover weapons and also other IGXE Items inside.

Same goes for boogie bombs, which I hardly ever see in the game and am sure to view much more hardly ever now that I basically want them. They’re grenades that force their targets into uncontrollable dances, extra frequently than not major them into a funky and humiliating end. Again, you will find them in chests, provide drops and in floor loot.

Either one of these cheap Fortnite Items will complete the challenge, so you might comprehensive it with no seeing a single present, or with no seeing a single boogie bomb. Once you finish up, you are going to be awarded with one impressive treat: a brand new scowling, dapping gingerbread man pet.