Rise of Azshara 8.two World of Warcraft PTR Coming’C April 16


Globe of Warcraft PTR has been updated to bring Azshara’s v8.two towards the test. We’re updating for the upcoming content material – the rise of Asshara – the very first version can now be tested. This means that information mining has begun, and each WOWHEAD and MMO-champions are competing for story and game components.buy wow items once you play new game characters, PTR is now readily available. To log in towards the PTR, just build a PTR account and copy the role you desire to test out of your account.

Here’s an outline of what’s coming in this PTR:
– Core update from the Azeroth program: Fragrance adds a whole new layer towards the Azeroth heart technique
– New District: Mechagon
– New Arena: Robot
– Mount Equipment/Wow Power Leveling Crestfall and Snowblossom Island Adventure
– Ashland epic battlefield

– coming soon
– Heroic Battle for Stromgarde
– new Missions
– New District: Nazjatar
Exploring new places, such as mission lines, world missions and world PVP activities, having a concentrate on strengthening alliances with new water competitions
– Heritage armor
– New skilled recipes
– New Assault – Eternal Palace of Azshara
As constantly, we will coordinate the testing of this new RAID encounter by means of a scheduled announcement.
– New Dungeon – Operation: Mechagon
– Pet War Dungeon: Stratholme
-Direhorn coaching mission
-Brewfest update

The initial tests have been primarily technical, so a few of the emerging Azshara features is going to be locked/unavailable several days ago when we take care of the initial difficulties on the above. Please note that Ashran might not be able to effortlessly comprehensive the queue in the PTR. Moreover, the World of Warcraft PTR field is only readily available to players with complete World of Warcraft accounts.