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1. What System Software will Save Wizard work with?

2. Can I buy it from a store?

3. How does it work?

Save Wizard requires saves to be copied from your Playstaton 4 to any compatible USB drive. Once the USB drive is inserted, Save Wizard will automatically detect and show supported saves allowing you to apply the cheats. Once this is done, simply remove the USB drive from the computer and insert into your PlayStation 4, remembering to copy the save and load your game.

4. Which region games will Save Wizard work with?

Save Wizard works with games purchased in the USA, Europe and Pacific Asian games. Japanese is not supported by Save Wizard due to a change in law rendering modifying your saves illegal. Some Japanese games <i>are</i> supported as they are often found for sale outside Japan.

5. My save isn't recognised!

This could be for a number of reasons. The first thing to check is that the game is actually supported, eg A Boy And His Blob. If the game is supported, but not showing, Let us know!

6. I bought the Save Wizard but it isn't working

If you have purchased a License and started Save Wizard but get an error message, check the following. That any firewalls are set to allow Save Wizard software to run and access the Internet.Make sure your router allows outgoing port 8082. Make sure your License key matches the Client you are running, if you purchased from or you need the hyperkin client. If you purchased from then you need the MAX client. If you have checked this, contact support or check our facebook page.

8. Can I use this to obtain trophies?

This feature is currently not supported

9. Can I cheat online?

Save Wizard is produced for cheating on offline saves only and, in fact, we actively try to prevent cheating online. On the odd occasion we miss something that can be used online be warned that we accept no responsibility whatsoever for any consequences of such actions such as bans etc.

10. Can I re-sign saves so that my saves can be used by others?


11. What is Quick Mode Only (QMO)?

This is specifically for saves which may contain information for online gaming. This allows us to create cheats which are still of benefit offline without them affecting online gaming. This also disables Advanced Mode which means the save cannot be manually edited.

12. Can I modify saves of other people?

You can only change the PSN-ID of the save that you are cheating every 30 days, this is to prevent people from re-signing as a service.

13. I don't have Windows. Is it available on Linux, Mac, Android, iPhone etc?

The Mac and Linux versions are now available for download as Beta test versions. They work but they still may have bugs /

14. Do I need to modify my PlayStation 4?

No modifications are made to the PlayStaton 4.

15. Will it void my PlayStation 4 warranty?

No, your warranty is safe, the program runs on a PC, not your PS4

16. Is it illegal to modify my save?

You should check with the local laws of your country, in most countries such as the USA this is legal. It has come to our attention that it is illegal to modify your own save files in Japan. Therefore using this product in Japan might be illegal!

17. Have you done this sort of product before?

Yes, between our team we have 30+ years of experience with cheat devices, we have worked on such products as Xploder, Action Replay, Game Shark and were recently responsible for resurrecting Game Genie for the PlayStation 3

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